Thursday, May 6, 2010

Le Trou (1960)


1.) Parts of the system: gold lighter

2.) The gold lighter is indication of class. The people normally, rather, expected to be found in jail are those of the lower class. The main character is found with a gold lighter, which is then confiscated by the warden in an unexpected, cordial manner. The establishing fact that he is of a higher class than the others in the cell gives him more reason for his actions in the end when he betrays them.

3.) The four in the cell are wary of him at first, but decide to accept him. But, it is obvious through the group's action, that he never really becomes fully accepted. The warden seem especially nice to him. He gets nice gifts from the outside.

4.) The unintended result of the class difference being established in the film is that the guy with the lighter does not explicably act on his class. To me, he seemed just like all the other, save the fact that he was the youngest and naive. The fact that he most likely originated from a higher class isn't brought by his character alone, but what is given to him: food, possibly some favoritism from the warden, etc.

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